Windshield replacement technology

Windshield replacement technology


The windshield is one of the most vulnerable places in car construction. Cracks and chips may appear during operation. In some cases, you can make inexpensive repairs. But when the damage cannot be repaired, dismantle and install a new part. Windshield replacement technology includes several steps that must be performed with extreme caution and in strict sequence. Such manipulations will not be difficult for professionals who have experience and the appropriate set of toolsFor professionals who have experience and the appropriate set of tools, such manipulations will not be difficult.

Windshield replacement: what to look for?

Installation of a new part must be carried out in compliance with technological recommendations from the manufacturer. There are options for windows with a set of additional options. It is advisable to buy original spare parts since it ensures compliance with the required characteristics. Also, the colour of the glass will not differ from other windows in your car.


The replacement process consists of three consecutive operations:

  • careful dismantling of damaged car glass;
  • surface preparation for installation of a new spare part;
  • direct installation.


Each stage has its own characteristics. Before starting work, prepare the car – wipers, camera sensors and other elements to be removed. The front seat is covered with film to avoid damaging the property during repairs. Also, protect the panel of control devices and the wheels. Before disassembly, the sealant connecting the glass and the car body is carefully cut. The procedure requires particular precision not to damage the interior with tools. At complete disconnection, the auto glass is removed utilizing the holder-sucker.


Surface preparation is to qualitatively remove the old sealant, degrease the base and, prime future bonds with new parts. The last procedure is performed to protect against the negative effects of external factors (sunlight, rain, snow, icing), as well as to extend the life of the window.


Autoglass replacement technology includes the final stage, which consists of applying a layer of sealant around the perimeter of the hole and securely fixing the replaced part. The product is pressed tightly without undue effort. You need to wait a while until the solution hardens. Experts recommend not to use the car in the first days after replacement. Only in this way, the composition will dry completely and ensure a secure fit of the glass. Otherwise, cracks and gaps may appear, the integrity of the circuit may be broken, water will get in the rain, and so on.

Is it possible to change the windshield yourself?

Many motorists frequently repair their cars on their own in order to save money and sports interest. With the appropriate skills, set of tools and availability of space (garage, workshop), replacement of the windshield with their own hands is performed in the same sequence as the profile masters. The work may take longer, but all manipulations will be carried out independently. Among the disadvantages is the lack of warranty as well as the inability to check the quality of the operation.

Should you buy new wiper blades for a new windshield?

When the windshield is replaced, the technology involves dismantling old brushes. Don’t save. After installing a new window, it is better to buy new wiper brushes, as this will reduce the risk of scratches and abrasions on the surface.

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